3-Day Workshop | Derek Penix | June 13-15, 2021

Sunday, June 13, 2021

Derek Penix 3-Day Workshop | June 13-15, 2021

Over the last 12 years, a group called ArtDataIntel (ADi) has been monitoring the winning paintings and artists across major art competitions. They recently finished a daunting statistical analysis where they mixed all award winning artists in their database (5,600+) from 10 competitions, coming up with a “Grand Slam” list:

Derek Penix ranked first among 580 Award Winning Artists in the OPA Awards (13-year history) @oilpaintersofamerica, he also ranked first among 270 Award Winning Artists in the AIS Awards (12-year history) @americanimpressionistsociety, then, he ranked fourth among 297 Award Winning Artists in the Raymar Art Awards (7-year history) @raymarart. After this, he ranked fifth among 1,016 Award Winning Artists in the BoldBrush painting competition (10-year history) @boldbrush, continuing with his winning streak, he ranked fifth among 462 Award Winning Artists in the NOAPS Awards (16-year history) @natoilandacrylicsociety, and finally, he also ranked fifth among 488 Award Winning Artists in the PleinAir Salon (9-year history) @pleinairsalon

Derek's workshop is for all skill levels from beginner to advanced. Penix will cover topics such as the power of warms and cools, complementaries, harmony, edges, shape-quality, variety, simplifying, loosening brushwork, elements of design, elements of light and shadow, the power of suggestion and seeing in terms of mass and shape relationships. There will be a strong emphasis on making your paintings more three-dimensional.

Students will use oils (other mediums are welcome) to paint from photos. They will have a choice of dozens of photographs consisting of boats, cityscapes, figures, birds, hanging fruit and fish. Students will also have the option to paint from their own photos if they choose.
The first half of the day Penix will paint from a photo to demonstrate his process from start to finish. The second half of the day the students will paint with Penix's guidance. Students are also welcome to bring a painting previously painted for Penix to critique.

Supply List:

  • 3-4 smaller oil primed smaller canvases around 12x12, 12x16 and 9x12 in size or sizes you would prefer.
  • Filbert #6, #4, #2, #0, Robert Simmons Signet pallet knife, 
  • Portable easel
  • Gamsol thinner 
  • Gamblin Neo Megilp (optional)
  • I tend to use the following colors but you can use your own preferred
    pallet if desired. Brand of paint does not matter.
      Titanium white
      Cad Yellow light
      Cad yellow medium
      Cad yellow deep
      Cad orange
      Cad red light
      Permanent rose
      Cerulean blue
      Cobalt blue
      Ultramarine blue
      Viridian Green
      Yellow Ochre
      Vandyke brown

TIMES: 9 am - 4 pm, hour lunch break

COST: $495

Contact the Brown County Art Gallery to sign up. Call 812.988.4609 or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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