4-Day Workshop | Drawing Bootcamp with Alan Larkin | June 17-20, 2021

Jun 17, 2021 - Jun 20, 2021
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This class talks about the science of drawing. It is based on a class in observational drawing that I taught at Indiana University for almost 40 years. The class stressed important concepts in observing and how to use them together to strengthen our abilities to draw representational work.

This class is an introductory class. None of the concepts introduced require prior experience in drawing. Having said that, it’s also a class that people of different skill levels will be able to appreciate in different ways. Even if you have been exposed to all these ideas before, for instance, you could benefit from taking this course because it is such a thorough review. Each exercise in the class focusses on strengthening a unique skill. Over the years, for instance, I became a far better drawer simply because I repeated the exercises along with my students.

June 17-20, 2021 | 9 am - 4 pm | $450

The class takes place over 4 days and is broken into 2 sessions each day. Here is the outline of the concepts covered:

Day 1
Morning – Learning to measure angles, compare distances and use several different measuring techniques to check your work.
Afternoon – Learning to see the world as a picture puzzle of shapes and how to use shape drawing to record the world in a systematic way.

Day 2
Morning – Learning the principles of cylinder construction and how to tackle many objects that are based on cylinders.
Afternoon – Learning the principles of two-paint perspective and how free-hand drawers utilize them to correct their work.

Day 3
Morning – Learning how to use gesture drawing to gather information and coordinate it into a successful drawing strategy.
Afternoon – Learning object-based value structures (Chiaroscurol). How should we expect cylinders, cubes and spheres to be modeled in simple lighting situations?

Day 4
Morning – Using gesture drawing as the basis for complex still life drawing in value.
Afternoon – Using subtractive drawing techniques the student is asked to do a complex still life involving a reflective objects and patterned cloth, the ultimate shape drawing exercise.

All exercises build on one another sequentially, though each exercise is a discreet topic in drawing. It’s possible to struggle with a concept on one day, but still benefit from the new information on following days.

This is a challenging class, but it can be extremely rewarding. Students who grasp the substance of the exercises are empowers and, seeing the utility of the information can immediately import their new knowledge into any kind of work that they do.

Required Materials
The beginning set of exercises use a specific set of tools, compressed charcoal, rough newsprint and white plastic erasers. Since later exercises can result in more finished works that can often be very fine, I also suggest buying a pad of charcoal papers.
• Prang Compressed charcoal pencils – 2 medium & 1 soft
• Staedtler Mars plastic eraser
• Staedtler Mars plastic pencil
• Rough newsprint – 18” x 24”
• Charcoal paper – 18” x 24” only 6 sheets required. Sometimes the pads are a good economic option

Images of Required Materials

The cost for all 4 days is $450, call the gallery to register, class size is limited. 


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Event: From Jun 17, 2021 to Jun 20, 2021