Brown County Art Gallery Artists Association

Founded in 1926, the Brown County Art Gallery Artists Association continues today as one of the oldest ongoing Art Associations in America. There are 45 active members who have gone through a juried process to become a member.

The Association features the work of Indiana’s top professional artists and their work is offered for sale on a daily basis. The collection changes four times a year and offers work in all sizes and prices ranges. Visit their WEBSITE for more details and to view and purchase paintings online. 


Susan Ahbe
Pat Bardes
Patricia Rhoden Bartels
Kathy Blankenheim
Rhonda Bontrager
Eric Brock
Ken Bucklew
Susie Byerley 
Pamela Campbell
Wayne Campbell
Sandi Cook
Steve Dawson
Robert Eberle
Stephen Edwards
Jennifer Fox
Jodie Friend
Karen Graeser
Thomas A. Himsel
Alan Larkin
Norene Mara
Ronald P. Mack
Amanda W. Mathis
Beverly Mathis
Nancy Maxwell
Chris Newlund
Elizabeth O'Rear
Jacqueline Phillips
Dale Popovich
Barry Powell
Maggie Rapp
J. Rodney Reveal
Douglas Runyan
Stephanie Spay
Sharon Steiner
James Tracy
Thomas Tuley
Marilyn Witt