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The Timothy Greatbatch paintings featured in the 2021 Collectors' Showcase 2021
are available for purchase at the Brown County Art Gallery or online.

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Sneak Preview - Singing Winds: The Life and Work of TC Steele




Coming early November!

The Gallery will be hosting a Sneak Preview of the WTIU special "Singing Winds - The Life and Works of T.C. Steele" with producer WTIU Todd Gould on Saturday, November 6. Doors open at 5:30 pm for the first preview at 6:15 pm. The second preview begins at 7:15 pm.

Two Showings · Food and wine available · All Gallery exhibits open · Drawing for WTIU gifts
Reservations required · Call the Gallery at 812-988-4609.

Collectors' Showcase 2021

 “Indiana’s Crown Jewel: the Brown County State Park

through November 14, 2021

An exploration of the Park by prizewinning artist Timothy Greatbatch

Greatbatch 001Greatbatch 040 Greatbatch 040

Works by Timothy Greatbatch. LEFT TO RIGHT:  “The North Tower” · “Evening’s Glow” · “Sunrise Over Strahl Valley”

From majestic hills kissed by the sun, sparkling creeks, brilliant fall colors, and snowy landscapes, artist Tim Greatbatch has captured them all in his two-year exploration of the Brown County State Park. The result is 91 stunning paintings filled with all the beauty the Park has to offer. Each painting is fully documented as to location, time of day, season and with help from park naturalists, a description of the trees, plants and topography.

Art expert James Ross says this exhibition is must see.

“At over 90 original and unique paintings, this exhibition has to be one of the largest and most ambitious ever mounted by an Indiana artist. Certainly, any Hoosier, and anyone who loves the Midwestern landscape, will appreciate the deep connection Mr. Greatbatch has forged with nature and the Brown County State Park. By painting some of the same scenes in different times of year and in different weather conditions, Greatbatch magnificently extends the tradition made famous by Claude Monet. Greatbatch has captured the beauty, variety, and moods of the rolling Southern Indiana landscape in all her natural glory, and this exhibition is not to be missed.”

The paintings, all of which are fully framed, are for sale with part of the proceeds to benefit the Brown County Art Gallery Foundation. The first chance to see and buy the work is Friday, October 1 at our VIP reception. All the paintings will be available on the Gallery’s Online Store starting Saturday, October 2.

Timothy’s Greatbatch’s affection for the Park draws on a the legacy of the early artists who came to Brown County, attracted by the long views and dramatic subject matter.  Curator Jim Ross has assembled a dazzling collection of work by the early art colony as part of Showcase 2021 called “The Long View.” Visitors will see the beauty of Brown County as it looked then and now.

Artists include Theodore Clement Steele, Adolph Shulz, Dale Bessire, Hallie Prow, Wood Woolsey and many others all from private collections.

Long View Paintings

LEFT TO RIGHT: T. C. Steele “The Hill Country,” 1913 · Adolph Shulz “Moon Over Nashville” · Hallie Prow  “After T. C. Steele,” 1929 · Dale Bessire”Autumn Landscape” · Wood Woolsey “Fringe of Town," ca. 1936

The Gallery Foundation shares special thanks to Sarah and John Lechleiter for sponsoring this spectacular event and to all the donors, lenders and volunteers who are working hard to make fall at the Brown County Art Gallery something special. Each visitor will receive a 64-page souvenir catalogue.

Covid concerns have caused some changes to the events planned for the opening weekend, however the VIP reception on October 1 remains unchanged and there is room for more reservations. Guests will be spread throughout our 15,000 sq ft facility making for a comfortable evening. Instead of a Saturday, October 2 Barbeque, the Gallery will have Special Extended Hours, staying open until 7:00 pm. The planned Sunday, “Celebrate the Park Townhall" will be rescheduled. Other event details below.

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Call the Gallery at 812-988-4609 for reservations or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. View the 2021 Collectors' Showcase catalogue.
Showcase 2021 will be open daily during regular business hours. Free Admission and Free Parking.

A historical look at Nashville, Indiana's famous photographer, Frank Hohenberger and the images he documented of the people and places in Brown County in the early days.

October 24th, 2015 dedication for the new expansion of the Brown County Art Gallery featuring the Bob and Barbara Stevens Art Education studio addition..